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Jackie's Testimony

I come with this little message to express my gratitude to the Women's Health Advocacy Network (WHAN).

I thank God today since meeting WHAN over 2 and a half years ago now from 2022 to the present.
Despite the ups and downs I went through. Thank you for the efforts made by this organization. Today, I have become a woman like all other women. 

Thanks to you I became what I am today.
Thanks to WHAN I feel safe, peaceful life,  healthy, happy, thank you for changing my life.

Thanks to you and your support and help my life to change a lot.

only God can reward you.  Thank you for everything. I will remain eternally grateful.
I am starting to regain my (mental) health, I have a psychological therapist who follows me,  
I am in college to improve my level in English.

 I am recognized as a refugee by the British government. I have certain rights.

I could just quote that
  "I would have loved to be with this organization which has done me so much good and which still continues to delight me today, but unfortunately for me, they don't have a place to stay at the moment."

 I encourage all women to join WHAN for their well-being.

Today all My wish is to master the English language in order to contribute to the development of this NGO throughout the United Kingdom.

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