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Strategy 2021 - 2022


Women’s Health Advocacy Network is established to relieve, preserve and protect the physical and mental health needs of women and girls in the UK and Sierra Leone who have survived rape or any form of sexual abuse by anyone and in the case of Sierra Leone, by the rebels during the ten years long civil war in the country.

In addition, the charity also seeks to advance the education of the public about the effects of rape and sexual violence through the provision of talks, training and by such other means as the trustees may determine.

Strategic Plans

The main plan of the charity is to educate and empower women through monthly newsletters.

Promote awareness through sensation workshops, seminars and being keynote or guest speaker at conferences and engaging with other stakeholders to educate victims and the general public on the benefits of speaking out and healing the community based on real life experience.

The charity will be a point of contact to victims of rape in proving names and addresses of expert external organisations and helpers that will provide adequate support to victims


How each of these activities furthers the purpose for the public benefit: 

Most victims have no access to internet and telephone and the charity being the bridge between expert services and victims will help victims to seek help and increase their self-confidence.

With the right support and assistance, the victims will be empowered and therefore become a valuable member of the community contributing positively to community development.

The charity also plans to enhance quality of life especially mental health and sense of wellbeing for the victims through engagement and participating in activities and events that bring people together through cohesive benefit

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