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Susan's Testimony

I just want to say how I feel since I know you the very first day they invited me to the first meeting you wasn’t there when I came back home my husband ask me how was the meeting I say is not interesting the next meeting he asked me to go on that day you were there when you said everything on that day on my way home I called my sister I told her she said do it I said how she said tell me you can do it I say I can do it one thing sister Adama

I tell Allah thanks for bringing you to my life you change my life I never think I will be able to do what I’m doing now you give me confidence you push me up and you always say this word you are the most important one before I only upon my email on my phone but I don’t know how to upon my email on my iPad not on the computer but now you help and courage

Now I can open my email every day, I can read and write simple words and I know more about children

Sister Adama if I write down about the way you change my life from now to tomorrow it’s will not end because me knowing you it a blessing for me and I don’t know how to aspires my self to you and is not even just me and my sisters even my husband is proud of me and he can’t wait to meet you and thanks you for the opportunity that you gave us and I will never regret knowing you thanks very much for being there for me

I appreciate you had work

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